Coventry Golf Club

MWSL Finals Day 2023

Sunday 15th October 2023, White Tees, Coventry Golf Club

(95% handicap allowance)

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Results Points Switch to Gross Points
1stJames Cosier(4) Coventry Hearsall 42
2ndGaidad Tekle(10) The Warwickshire 39
3rdRicky Finnigan(2) 39
4thMitchell Crump(3) Olton 38
5thRichard Bush(-1) 37
6thSteven Parsons(6) The Warwickshire 37
7thAlex Frith(4) Copt Heath 37
8thAdam Ward(1) Olton 36
9thRyan Hinsley(-1) Olton 36
10thMichael Pell(0) Olton 36
11thJames Taylor(5) Copsewood Grange 36
12thBen Cole(5) Nuneaton Golf Club 35
13thSteve Essex(5) Atherstone 35
14thJakob Hegelund(6) Copsewood Grange 35
15thRobert Oddy(8) Copsewood Grange 35
16thBob Gee(10) Stratford-on-Avon 35
17thCharlie Faulkner(3) 34
18thDavid Atkinson(5) Kenilworth Golf Club 34
19thRichard Moon(9) Kenilworth Golf Club 34
20thJohn Hale(2) 34
21stGary Knight(5) Kenilworth Golf Club 34
22ndRichard Evans(8) Atherstone 34
23rdRichard Oddy(2) Copt Heath 33
24thRichard Albrighton(7) Copsewood Grange 33
25thNigel Rhodes(6) Atherstone 33
26thSpencer Tanner(-1) 33
27thShaun Beeson(9) Atherstone 33
28thTom Ibbertson(0) Coventry Hearsall 33
29thMonty Fincher(6) Stratford-on-Avon 32
30thDaniel Powell(4) 32
31stBen Bernamont(-2) The Warwickshire 32
32ndHarry Ibbertson(2) Coventry Hearsall 31
33rdDavid Westall(5) The Warwickshire 31
34thGareth Leyshon(6) Atherstone 31
35thLennon O'Neill-Knibbs(3) Coventry Hearsall 31
36thJames Leggitt(4) Kenilworth Golf Club 31
37thMartin McCallum(3) Coventry Hearsall 31
38thBen Gummery(4) Nuneaton Golf Club 31
39thLewis Phillips(-3) Kenilworth Golf Club 31
40thCurtis Beeson(7) Atherstone 31
41stGregory Savory(4) Nuneaton Golf Club 31
42ndGeorge Stirrat(3) Stratford-on-Avon 31
43rdCurtis Neale(2) Nuneaton Golf Club 30
44thJamie Melton(0) Nuneaton Golf Club 30
45thLiam Mingo(1) Copt Heath 30
46thPaul Dakin(-1) Copt Heath 29
47thNeil Sellers(4) Olton 29
48thSam Hufton(-1) Copt Heath 29
49thMatt James(1) Kenilworth Golf Club 28
50thColin Brice(5) Stratford-on-Avon 27
51stThomas Coyle(9) Copsewood Grange 26
52ndThomas Shiels(0) Copt Heath 26
53rdReece Wyatt(6) Olton 26
54thQuentin Tchakhotine(4) The Warwickshire 25
55thJake Mitchell(2) Nuneaton Golf Club 25
56thMichael Towers(2) The Warwickshire 22
57thPhil Roberts(2) Coventry Hearsall 22
DQFrank Callanan(4) Copsewood Grange DQ Failure to Sign card

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